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Sisters Moynahan

Where's todd?

here's ada!
here's ada!
getting close now ...
my favorite t-shirt EVER
the homeowners
the wedding site
murder(er) in the light?

hooray new digs!

Jan 31, 09:05 PM by Kristin Adams Litke

An official homeowner!! Wowee, gone are the days of salt and pepper shaker friends. Congrats on being done and movin’ in, yeeeay!

Not too much news out here. Had my first design dork meeting with a few friends I’ve met through school out here last night—we’re all in the final stages of being ready to leap out on our own (or into a firm) but still have some work to do. So hopefully these monthly meetings will be good motivators since it’s been so freakin’ hard to motivate myself after work. Maybe it’s the winter rain, but all I want to do is nap :)

it's official!

Jan 30, 10:13 PM by Brooke Wilkinson

we’re homeowners! signed our name on a ton of lines today—it wasn’t as bad as they say it is! moving tomorrow. probably not as frantically as the little unborn, but we’re going to try as hard!

holy kicker

Jan 29, 07:12 PM by Robyn Wilkinson

well, whatever sex this baby is, s/he will be a field goal punter i’m betting. lots of movement in the last week for sure, and enough today to really startle me for sure!! it’s cool, though, and comforting in a good way.

just because i haven’t sent updates in a bit:

you and the baby have really been growing! by now, you have probably put on 12 pounds plus or minus a few. while much development remains, the rapid growth rate of the baby is going to slow down just a little near this time. to aid in muscle development, the amniotic fluid is supporting the baby’s movements. your baby is quite the little gymnast and is getting busy with twists, turns and forward summersaults!

other changes that are happening:

  • the baby’s eyebrows are now forming.
  • your baby is sleeping and waking much like a newborn at this time.
  • permanent hair is now growing on the scalp, but even this hair will fall out the second week after birth and will be replaced by thicker hair.

baby’s size this week: about 5.3 to 6 1/2 inches (head to rump).
weight: approximately 9 ounces

they’ve likened it to a banana. :)

miss and love you,

times are a-changin'!

Jan 29, 11:23 AM by Brooke Wilkinson

holy smokes! robyn, you have a belly! there’s a kid in there, too! that is fantastic! kma-i’m learning bridge. my neice or nephew and i will take on you and yours!

moving, wedding, and job-seeking madness around here. all very exciting. though, i probably won’t have internet service out at the new place. what am i going to do??

Jan 29, 12:59 AM by Kelly Wilkinson

back in the land of the living after trade show maddess—who knew the knitting industry demanded 80 hours a week?

I was out of town for almost one week and it became official when I returned that ROBYN IS PREGGERS! the pop-out happened, and she and her belly are so freaking adorable.

Back to the news grind tomorrow—which i didn’t miss a bushel or a peck over the last month. perhaps I’ll keep veering into the textile world…

Next week, I’m visiting Brooke and Hunter in their new pad—I’ll ditch my quaint slides and bring a digi cam and post some snaps. xoxo

back in action

Jan 27, 02:06 PM by Kristin Adams Litke

Howdy, all!

Robyn, how INCREDIBLE are the ultrasound images… wow oh wow!

I got up early today and decided it was time to get around to a few of the things that have been on my to-do list, including hooking up my new scanner that Santa Litke brought me. Alas, a few pix of Rog to share. Just think, next Christmas there will be another little one teetering around :)

Miss you guys—happy weekend.

18 week ultrasound pix

Jan 16, 04:30 AM by Robyn Wilkinson

for your screening (or screaming) enjoyment. check out chuckie’s face!! kinda scary, but kinda cool. it was the best experience ever, and these pictures are a great reminder of that.
love and miss you, xx

little monkey

Jan 14, 09:34 PM by Brooke Wilkinson

your boobs are bigger, too!

Puddle jumping

Jan 12, 06:45 PM by Kristin Adams Litke

Hello from the land of the rain. It’s finally true. I’ve been barraged by questions about how I can live in such a rainy place ever since I moved here, which has always driven me crazy since it’s such a lie… well, until now. It’s really not even that bad, it’s just crazy that it’s been gray and dripping for 25 straight days. The very good news is that we’re getting dumped on in the mountains, so hopefully we’ll be dusting off our snowboards this weekend to hit the hills.

Kara arrives tomorrow for a week – fun, fun. We’re starting the day with a Seahawks party, followed by a trek to the Irish Emigrant (where I brought all of you) to relive the early days over Guinness and step dancing.

Why can’t I find cute knee high rain boots with frogs on the feet like the kiddies wear? Kelly, can you whip me up some?

Rog pix et all soon—still haven’t hooked the camera up. Hopefully I’ll have some to share before he turns two and baby Linde is born! R, thanks for all the updates, it’s so great to visualize what’s happening!!

put the butter down...

Jan 5, 10:34 AM by Brooke Wilkinson

robyn, i think it would be wise to get a helmet.

our septic inspection was yesterday. they stick a camera on a very long hose down the poo hole to see if anything is wrong. it was interesting if you didn’t think about it too much. it came back functional, so we’re now at the final phase of negotiations. our last contract is due monday, and the owner has five days to respond. this time next week, we may be homeowners!

probably not a wedding during the summer. we need to get a lay of the land, since it’s snow covered right now. maybe september? shouldn’t talk about that on line.

more later. happy friday!

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