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Sisters Moynahan

Sisters Moynahan

Where's todd?

trade show eve
kma's graphic design was the star of the show
my handiwork from january!
trust me, aunt kristin. we see your 50 cents and raise you a quarter.
i love reading with bompa
my first portrait

Sisters unite!

4598 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

One final showing of a Sisters Moynahan bride and her lovely best women. Guest appearance by new sister-in-law, Becca.

once upon a time...

4600 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

I used to write more on this website!

Robyn, you are so close! Happy Mother’s Day (you do have a child attached to you, after all!)

KMA-long time no chat. Congrats on the new biz getting off the ground—Tommy gave me a little update after seeing you this past weekend. How was Jude’s?

Anywho, just wanted to say hello to everyone. I’ll work on getting some pictures online, they’re always fun to look at.

missing everyone…

4672 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

KMA-congratulations! Nice work! I cannot tell you how good it feels to be so close to the next step, whatever it may be! 3.5 days and counting! A friend of mine was done last week. I think we’re going to have a “jobless fair” next weekend. Wanna come??

i'm still alive!

4682 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

i know, i know, it’s been a while. i’m not connected at the new place so my time online has dwindled. boo. nice work on the tradeshow, peeps!

back to making progress at the house. hunter is insulating the shop doors so he can get moving. i’m all for it since i’m giving my two weeks today—if bossman ever shows up. kind of exhilarating, kind of scary. i’m beyond ready, though.

KMA-come out here and we’ll come up with a cooperative working situation for us! i’ve looked into getting space at this great farmer’s market here for a handful of us to sell our wares. anyone want in?

it's official!

4702 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

we’re homeowners! signed our name on a ton of lines today—it wasn’t as bad as they say it is! moving tomorrow. probably not as frantically as the little unborn, but we’re going to try as hard!

times are a-changin'!

4704 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

holy smokes! robyn, you have a belly! there’s a kid in there, too! that is fantastic! kma-i’m learning bridge. my neice or nephew and i will take on you and yours!

moving, wedding, and job-seeking madness around here. all very exciting. though, i probably won’t have internet service out at the new place. what am i going to do??

little monkey

4719 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

your boobs are bigger, too!

put the butter down...

4728 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

robyn, i think it would be wise to get a helmet.

our septic inspection was yesterday. they stick a camera on a very long hose down the poo hole to see if anything is wrong. it was interesting if you didn’t think about it too much. it came back functional, so we’re now at the final phase of negotiations. our last contract is due monday, and the owner has five days to respond. this time next week, we may be homeowners!

probably not a wedding during the summer. we need to get a lay of the land, since it’s snow covered right now. maybe september? shouldn’t talk about that on line.

more later. happy friday!

4729 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

so i actually succeeded in uploading things. kma—we’re trying to buy a house. i’ll try to get more pictures on line for you guys to check out.

4729 days ago by Brooke Wilkinson

we just got a new hard drive for our computer, so i have high speed again. which means, a lot more nonsensical blogging and a ton of wedding dress sites! suggestions welcome, since y’all have done this before.